Shadow Work with Tarot

Tarot can take you into deep places within your personal and/or our collective psyche. The Oracle Soup podcast sistas put their expertise into the kitchen blender as they stir up the many facets of “Shadow Work” in Tarot cards.

For private sessions to address this aspect of your own life in a supportive and meaningful way, please reach out to Katrina or Gina for a life-changing reading:
Katrina Wynne, MA –
Gina Thies

Featured Tarot card: XVIII The Moon – exploring and embracing the light and dark sides of our wholeness.

Tarot Nysdrellien


Tarot Nysdrellien is a work in progress by Canadian artist, Heimdayel. Thank you for this version of the XVIII La Lune card.


Thank you to Patrick Vallenza for his intriguing Deviant Moon Tarot card images,
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